Why incorporate Feng Shui?

Every Individual and Family deserves the Home that is Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous. The house in which, occupants will experience the sense of accomplishment. ABD makes it possible for you, by implementing general FENG SHUI principles, inside out. We start with examining the lot, it’s elevation, the floor plan, finishing materials and of course the landscape.

Where do I start when thinking about New Construction or Remodeling?

Start looking for a Design/Build Contracting Firm. Design/Build firms bring in the Architects, Structural Engineers, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers early on in the “Design Phase”. The advantage to the client is professionals working as “team” designing the project in their budget.

Do I really need to permit my project?

Yes. Permitting makes sure that your project is being built to code. City inspections could be viewed as an insurance policy. Inspections of the work performed insure that the project is being built for your safety.

Why should I remodel my home?

To insure the best return on one of their largest investments, millions of homeowners remodel to improve the space, upgrade kitchens and/or turn their bathrooms into spas.

Will remodeling increase the value of my home?

A nationwide statistical study has found that there is a definite correlation between certain home components (remodeled kitchens, baths, and added bedrooms) and the price of the home. However, as you may already know, some remodeling projects offer more return than others. Be sure to discuss this with your contractor and your real estate agent.

How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?

Usually it takes 2 to 3 months and is dependent upon kitchen size and details involved in the project. We can supply the customer with a 3 dimensional sketch in the planning stage as well as provide samples of cabinet wood, cabinet styles, tile, counter and flooring materials. Building custom cabinets alone can take 4 to 8 weeks.

What is the first step to building a room addition?

The blue print. Our Architect can provide a blue print for you or you may prefer to work with your own Architect.

Do we need to leave our home during the remodeling job?

Not necessarily. Most of our customers stay at home during the project. We try our best not to disturb the homes normal activities as much as possible.

Do you have workers compensation, insurance and a bond?

Yes. It is important for a homeowner to employ a licensed contractor who has a general contractor’s license that protects you, as the homeowner.

Do you have any references?

Yes. Please feel free to contact our office and ask for our contractor references in the Los Angeles area.

Do we have to get involved with the city for permits or will you provide them?

Addition Building & Design, Inc. will obtain the relevant building permits as part of our service. Our representative will physically go to the appropriate city department to obtain your permit.

Will the job include electrical and plumbing or do I need to find separate contractors?

Addition Building & Design, Inc. provides a full contracting service for all of the project needs so that you do not need to find separate contractors for different types of jobs.

Are you licensed in the state of California?

# 925471

How long have you been in this business?

32 years. We bring a lot to the table with great design ideas and project risk assessment once the construction begins.

Do you carry your own insurance?

$2,000,000 Liability Insurance and additional if needed for larger projects. Liability Insurance protects our company as well as the client’s interests.

Do you carry workman’s compensation insurance?

Yes, as well as all our sub contractor’s

How will you be communicating with us?

Every client is different. We accommodate our client’s busy schedule and adapt to what works best for them whether it be cell phone, text or email. The key is to communicate continually in order to keep the project moving.

What is the best way of contacting you when something urgent arises?

All our clients have my personal cell phone as well as our project manager’s cell phones. We have job supervisors on all our large projects.

Have you ever built a house with a basement?

We have completed 3 custom homes on full/finished basements.

Can you provide us with references for a project like ours?

All of our potential clients receive a list of current and past clients- approximately 35- 40 names and numbers.

We would like to visit at least 3 other projects you’ve completed and interview the owners- is this possible?

Absolutely. We have happy clients who are willing to show their beautiful new home with our new client prospects.

What type of contract does your company use?

We offer Fixed Price, Open Book and Project Management contracts. Our goal when creating the contract is to itemize and detail in order to accomplish our 2 main goals:
No change orders once project starts
Limit unforeseen occurrences’ once the project starts that will delay your completion date

How many jobs do you currently have in the area?

Typically 6-12.

Who do you have on your team of experts?

We are a Design/Build firm. We work as a TEAM with Architects, Structural Engineers, Interior Designers and Landscape Designers: Our goal: Design a beautiful and functional project in your budget.

Do you belong to any professional building organizations?

NAHB: National Home Builders Association
US Green Building Council
ASID Industry partner (Association of Interior Designers
AIA Industry partner (American Institute of Architects Industry partner)
Build it Green California
Design/Build Southern California

May we have a list of your suppliers?

When a client engages in a contract with our firm, we connect them with the best suppliers/showrooms in the Los Angeles area—best priced showrooms with the best service. We will also pass on our contractor’s discounted pricing!

Will you be dealing directly with the City Building Department?

Our team will handle all aspects with the city planning, building, fire and zoning departments. We provide our clients with all the accurate information needed to make the best decisions for their family. We are constantly working with the building departments on all our projects --pulling permits. We understand the process and how to expedite quickly.

Will you be pulling the required permits?

We pull all the permits for our clients. Once we know the plan check and permit fees, we can pay the fees and bring the receipt back to our clients for reimbursement or the client gives us a check made out to the Building Department and we fill in the amount --bring back all receipts to client.

What percentage of the time will you be on site?

Whatever time is needed. Some days it is 15 minutes and others 2 hours.

What is the time frame for starting a project?

Depends on a number of items:
How quickly a client can make decisions – everyone is different.
How quickly permits can be pulled at building department.
We have a lot of crews so we are prepared for large projects that need expedited quickly.

What is your estimate for completion?

We provide – in all our contracts – a construction time schedule. In addition, this schedule is updated weekly for our clients once construction begins.

Do you offer financing?

We offer financing on all projects. Depending on the situation, it will be in house or we will recommend a financial institution/lender.

What is your payment schedule?

By law, the maximum deposit required by a client in California -- when signing a contract is 10% of the contract amount with a maximum of $1000. Once construction begins, we set up payments as work is completed and inspections’ pass. Typically on large projects – 8 payments. The final payment is not requested until all punch list items have been completed.

Do you guarantee your work? For how long and what does it cover?

3- Year labor warranty on all work performed. Products have their own warranty and we give 20 years labor warranty on all roofing.

Do you supply notarized affidavits of release liens before we give you payment?

We provide liens releases from all supplier’s and subcontractor’s

Will you be subcontracting?

We subcontract most of the main trades – Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC — as we recommend this is the best for our clients-- to have licensed EXPERTS in their particular trade. We always recommend using certified window/door and appliance installers—not handyman –as this protects our clients manufacturer warranties.

How will you be cleaning up the job site at the end of major stages?

trades clean up the site daily and major clean up every Friday. If the trades do not cooperate in this area, we replace them with those that value this client service.

Besides being a contractor, what other strengths to you have that will make you the best contractor for our project?

Providing outstanding workmanship
Providing great leadership
Providing award winning designs
Risk assessment 2nd to none once construction begins when unforeseen things arise
Provide excellent communication from top to bottom

Can you help us qualify for LA’s LEED project?

Our staff is LEED certified and we work with LEED certified architects on many projects.

What other companies do we need to work with regarding a pool, landscaping, etc.?

We will recommend outstanding pool and landscaping companies early on to emphasize our TEAM approach – giving our client’s a distinct advantage in preparing a budget and limiting change orders once construction begins.

Say we are not satisfied - how will you help us resolve our problem?

Immediately and satisfactorily---no matter what the cost.

What negative things would a customer say about you?

Probably I need to get more sleep because I will send emails out to communicate at all hours of the night frequently
Our goal is to have all positives said from our clients. We listen to what our clients want during their project and set our goals to achieve it.

Why do you think you can rebuild / build our house the way we want it?

We are excellent listeners with outstanding creative design ability with a goal to have a 5-star referral in the end!

What have been your best building experiences?

When we exceed our client’s expectations
When we come under our client’s budget
When we complete the project ahead of schedule
When our clients see the finished project and are amazed at the quality of work and great designs


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